All orders generally take 5 working days to arrive. Limited editions, can take 2-3 weeks, because these only get printed once an order has been submitted. Local orders are sometimes delivered personally or can be picked up at specific locations.



As most of my artwork is done digitally at a high resolution, these can be cropped or scaled to any size, big or small. I generally use A4, A3, A2 sizes, but have done images much larger (and smaller). In most cases I create work that suit commercially sourced frames as well as custom built ones.

*** Note: Description (visual) different sizes. Large, medium and small with*(Ax) and dimensions.


Limited Editions

The majority of my limited editions do not exceed 100 copies of each design.  A small number of designs have a run of 250 copies, with others only to 25 copies. Each limited edition includes my signature, number (e.g. 1/100) as well as a certificate of authenticity. This is a new feature of Leafy Sea Dragon Artwork, so if you have purchased my work in the past, feel free to request a certificate of authenticity.


What is Digital Lino?

I created digital lino over time, initially through the use of photos I’ve taken, hand drawing the images using a digital pen and tablet. I choose specific colours to give it a muted effect and add different layers of opacity and light, which are then flattened into one image. The result looks like a lino cut or block print.


Retail Stock

If you would like to stock any of my work in your shop please contact me. Wholesale prices are available.


Damaged, late or missing

I’ll do my utmost to have your work delivered on time and in one piece. That said, if you receive any of my work damaged, please let me know ASAP, but please include a picture of the damaged work and let me know within 24 hours.



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Payment options

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